Firstsquawk services clients from around the world, helping them react quickly and confidently to global events. Our expert analysts provide unique insight into macro news stories and developing trends, and alert you to potential market impact


Get all news related indices & companies for Asia, US & Europe


Get all news related to precious metals, energy, grains & softs

Fixed Income

We cover live press conference of RBI,ECB,FED.Govt's bond auction & refundings

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Real-time audio stream, text headlines, whatsapp update, SMS service, analyst support.


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Text headlines, whatsapp update, SMS service.



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Firstsquawk offers powerful suite of tools that every trader must have.

In the current tradewar, markets have become highly correlated and are almost entirely driven by news.

Firstsquawk's analysts are able to anticipate movement in a particular market having observed another asset class react to a particular headline, thus alerting you before the market has even moved.

Traders’ eyes are usually fixed on their screens; the only sense under-utilised is their hearing.

Firstsquawk provide a relatively low-cost, effective news service which is designed to supplant some of the more expensive services. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars per month for an individual institution to replicate their setup.

"I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product."

Andrés Hernández